Behind the Berm

As the sea devours the coastline east of Hastings in Sussex, a huge defence wall of Norwegian granite has been built up with two aims in mind, firstly to protect the base of the cliffs from erosion and secondly to provide a stop for the eroding cliffs so that they assume a slope, rather than a vertical profile, and are therefore less likely to fall.  Behind the wall is an alien landscape, a no mans land of ongoing change, debris and fascination.

There are now several sections stretching along the base of the cliffs, the most recent being placed in 2017/18.  The first arrived in the late 1980’s and I remember the Norwegian crew who manned the immense barges which transported the boulders, and operated the machinery which placed them.  They worked long hours and were billeted at the local hostelry; they were big strong men, jovial, friendly, who would join the locals for a drink of an evening.

Digital images which serve as explorations for further work.