Grace – after surgery

AoP Open Awards 2019 Finalist (Still Life) portrait, exhibited at the East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf, and published in the 35th AoP Awards Book 2019.

I’ve photographed Grace a few times, her remarkable story is best learned by visiting

Grace asked me to photograph her immediately after surgery to correct the outcome of earlier surgery, which was to remove a brain tumour.  The photograph was made shortly afterwards; the bruise hasn’t fully developed.

The tumor represents an evil, a malignant and careless force,  a truly frightening event.  I’m interested in how the scar might define Grace and her struggle and how the scar has become a symbol of hope and determination; a reminder that life is fragile and also that we need to reassess how we perceive beauty. Photographed on film, self developed and scanned.