One Shot Film Portrait

I photographed over 150 creatives living and working in the Hastings & St Leonards area of Sussex, England.  I wanted to make a record of the people I’ve photographed as simply as possible and so I allowed myself only one shot on a 1960 Rolleiflex camera (and a few using a Fuji 6×9), an intentionally self limiting approach and one that struck a chord with almost everyone I photographed.    Some are indigineous to the area, some are immigrants to it having been forced out of their homes/studios elsewhere, chiefly London and Brighton, by the onward march of gentrification.  This small part of the world is made more vibrant by their presence. What struck me the most was their similar world view.  It was also interesting how many connected for the first time as a result of this project, and I guess that says something about the power of large photographic projects.

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