Other work

These portraits don’t have a thematic home and are either commissions or collaborations or people who I have found interesting.

  1. Kathy, Street Meeting
  2. Charles, Street Meeting
  3. Emily Carding, Actor, Theatre Maker
  4. Rosie Rendell, Coppicer and Craftswoman
  5. Toby Stevens, Production Designer for Film and TV
  6. Dave Reading, Artist, at the Stella Dore Gallery
  7. Frances Farhi wearing ‘The Real Terry DeHavilland’ boots
  8. Joel White, Musician, commission for Sweet & Dandy PR
  9. Clair Warner, Designer
  10. Andrew, Street Meeting
  11. Claire Hamill, Singer Songwriter, Musician
  12. Edward Blakeley, Musician, Composer, commission
  13. Jules Evans, author ‘Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations’