• Book Review – The Island by Robert Darch

    The Island, the most recent book by Robert Darch, is something of a paradox. It is at once bleak, but at the same time uplifting, perhaps in the way that Bach’s melancholic Cello Suite No.1 resonates with the deepest emotions whilst retaining an essential optimism.  Darch opens his book with a foreword revealed in the […]

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  • Saturday 29 October 2022 Elemental Memory

    I’m a student of memory, and that’s not unusual for a photographer. Photography is about capturing a moment which will not come back, and making it in to something that can be revisited. No wonder there’s so much theory and writing about it, it’s what Barthes (and Sebald for that matter) is all about. The […]

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  • Sunday 23 October 2022 First Post

    I’ve decided to start a journal (I dislike the word ‘blog’). Here I’ll place any writing on photography, document ongoing projects, and generally anything I find interesting. It would help me immensely if you could join my mailing list (you can always unsubscribe), it will let me know that all the work I’ve put in […]

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