Inanimate Reason 2

Inanimate Reason 2 sequels Inanimate Reason 1 presenting darker more surreal photographs with a notable process difference, being the use of digital media to facilitate a cinematic aspect ratio, and to enable making work in low light conditions.

The artificial body personifies the non living, being given life.  Von Kempelen’s automaton ‘Chess Player’ concealed a human operator. Maeterlinck’s actors played marionettes, playing characters.  In a clear analogy with postmemory, the non living influence the living, who in turn influence the dead.

Inanimate Reason at the University of Brighton MA Show July 2022

Inanimate Reason presents surreal photographs showing (often self) portraits-as-marionette to reference postmemory, memory and experience, made surreal by using a pinhole process to imply the subconscious, and realised as cinematic format photographic prints. The figures echo Magritte’s non human figures, and Duchanmp’s mannequin, suggesting a dialogue between them. Dark yet playful, sometimes difficult to look at, the images form a narrative examining the forces of memory upon the artist, and by proxy, the viewer.


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