Looking in from the inside

These portraits are a reaction to the inability to visit subjects to photograph them due to the Covid 19 mandated restrictions of 2020/1. I decided to use simple social media tools to create portraits, which in part, depict an aura of isolation.  The process yields results which often have very poor resolution which I’ve used to create images which have an impressionistic feel, adding to the unreality of the circumstances. The process is highly dependent upon post processing because the usual variables available to the photographer (focus/aperture etc.) are not present.

Of particular interest is the ability to create remote images over great distances.

Let me know what you think, and if you’d like to participate in this (which is ongoing so far as I can see), all you need is a mobile device with a lens which can connect to mine, so do contact me.

Find on social media using #lookinginfromtheinside