Looking in from the inside

‘Looking in from the inside’ is a reaction to the limiting effects of pandemic lockdown, and uses mobile technology over distances to create simple yet subtly surreal remote portraits which reference and deal with the theme of isolation.

With any major historical event, it is difficult to avoid becoming involved in some way. The phenomenon of imposed isolation was the mandated response to the Covid 19 Virus of 2020/21. 

It seems to me that we have in our hands, a means of communicating remotely, which is capable of recording isolation, if we employ it to do so. It is also the main means of communication available to many during isolation. What does isolation look like in the spaces inhabited by those who are isolated ‘from the inside looking in’? The technological means can show us. 

The photographs speak directly of isolation, its causes and effects in wider sense, and what, as a species, we need to consider when shaping individual and policy responses. 


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